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     FORMULA 4     


2022 saw the FIA British F4 Championship introduce a new generation F4 car. The new F4 car has been designed to keep costs down while providing an ideal learning tool with the highest possible safety standards for young drivers.


The specification of the car chassis and engine package will be for a minimum of 3 years.

Tatuus T-421


Virtuosi has identified the introduction of this new generation of car as a key opportunity to enter the championship on even ground with the existing teams and therefore fight for the championship using the proven methodology from our highly successful F2 program.

The British F4 championship is part of the TOCA package as a support series to the widely popular British Touring Car Championship.


This package boasts the largest crowds at any national event (35,000+). Highlights and live TV coverage are broadcasted for free on terrestrial TV by ITV.

British F4 is certified by the FIA, which means it is run in accordance with the FIA guidelines for the establishment of Formula 4 race events. The key objective of the FIA is developing championships which are established by the local ASN's and their priorities are keeping costs at an affordable level whilst maintaining the highest standards of safety and equality across driver equipment.

This also means that, subject to their final positions in the Championship, drivers will be awarded FIA Superlicence points in accordance with FIA Regulations. These contribute to the total needed for an FIA Formula 1 Superlicence. FIA Super License points are awarded to the top seven in the overall championship at the end of the year. No other British championship affords this opportunity.


     THE CAR     

Virtuosi Racing F4

New Safety Features


TOCA’s on-board safety signalling systems // FIA-mandated halo cockpit protection device rpm.​


Second-generation Tatuus F4 chassis with anti-intrusion side panels



180hp Abarth engine 

Wheels & Tyres


O.Z. Racing // Pirelli control tyres



Ten events will feature 30 British F4 races, again supporting the ever-popular British Touring Car Championship. The championship will continue to be broadcast live each Sunday with coverage free to air access on ITV4.

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